Our Vision, Values and Strategic Ambitions

Together with our colleagues we have developed a vision, set of values and strategic ambitions which form a framework for a positive and supportive environment for our patients, visitors and colleagues. Our vision, set of values and strategic ambitions are detailed below; if you feel that you are as committed as we are to their delivery, please continue with your application.

We will always ACT the right way and be PROUD to provide exceptional healthcare to the communities of Rotherham

Ambitious: we set high standards for the services we deliver. We aim to be an outstanding Trust and we are enthusiastic about delivering excellent healthcare for our patients. We have high expectations of ourselves and others.
Caring: we embrace the importance of giving the highest possible quality of care for our patients. We also care for each other as colleagues and for the community, our resources, our environment and our future.
Together: we value the importance of working together with patients, carers and families to ensure that we provide high quality patient centred care. We are committed to working with partners and stakeholders across Rotherham, South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw to develop sustainable services for the population we serve.

Patients – we will be proud that the quality of care we provide is exceptional, tailored to people’s needs and delivered in the most appropriate setting for them.
Rotherham – we will be proud to act as a leader within Rotherham, building healthier communities and improving the life chances of the population we serve.
Our partners – we will be proud to collaborate with local organisations to build strong and resilient partnerships that deliver exceptional, seamless patient care.
Us – we will be proud to be colleagues in an inclusive, diverse and welcoming organisation that is simply a great place to work.
Delivery – we will be proud to deliver our best every day, providing high quality, timely and equitable access to care in an efficient and sustainable organisation.